So, who's behind the lens?

We both are. Really.

Becoming a mother affected every aspect of my life. Including my photos; in so many ways motherhood changed what I see, how I see, and what I choose to shoot.

Here goes:

Jade Lyf, mother of one, happily married, passionate photographer. I am a reader, a writer, a coffee drinker, a visual storyteller. I'm an artist and an introvert. And am always in search of experineces and moments, and details. 

I specialize in documentary and storytelling, lifestyle and fine art photography. I have an eye for often forgotten details and intricacies. It brings me joy to create and document beautiful stories with my lens. Your stories.

I have recently been asked to be a part of the wonderful group of women who run Fantastically Flawed, I couldn't be more honoured as this blog has enlivened my spirit and helped me so much to find my photographic voice, I feel that I really "fit" in this wonderfully unique community. 

There's nothing more entrancing to me than an image I can look -into-, find the story in, instead of just looking -at- an image. So these raw, emotive, real and memoable images are the kinds of photo's you can expect to get from Lyf Is Grand Photography.

Moments on paper.

Life's little boxes.


Booking information:

I am available for booking in the Cowichan Valley and Duncan area in Beautiful British Columbia, I am willing to travel to Victoria or Nanaimo, or much further if need be, for all types of shoots including but not limited to: maternity, newborn, lifestyle, documentary, fresh 48, families, adventures, special events, day in the life and engagements. I want you to know that I am dedicated to giving you a product that you can smile over for years to come. I will work with you on a time, location, feel, and promise to take into account your personality, likes and dislikes and any personal prefrences you might have that could affect the outcome of your images. I use quality equipment so I can provide high resolution images for print up to a very large size without sacrificing visual quality.

The prints from this website are processed by White House Custom Color which is one of the best print services available and shipping costs are affordable.